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Beloved Bone of my Bones-Rapturing Love

Shy, reticent eighteen-year-old Anna-Marie Henry works hard, keeps her head down, and tries not to stand out. But this shyness isn’t in her nature. Instead, it is the result of a harsh upbringing with her controlling father, and it’s a survival mechanism Anna-Marie hopes to shed now that she’s starting college.

John McCreeny is anything but shy. He’s an international music sensation—any woman would kill to date him. His life consists of private jets, fancy parties, and amazing adventures. As soon as he meets Anna-Marie, however, that changes. Now all he cares about is making her happy.

Anna-Marie can’t believe that John would be interested in her. She’s flattered and intrigued by the handsome pop star, but she is also afraid of the consequences if her father finds out about her new double life. Her old dreams of going to school and becoming a pharmacist seem so small compared to John’s glamorous life. How can she concentrate on her academic goals when her boyfriend wants to whisk her away from everything familiar?

As the pressure grows, Anna-Marie must decide who is worth trusting. The wrong choice could destroy everything she’s ever wanted.

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