Anna-Marie Henry has always struggled to live under her father’s strict rules while remaining true to herself—but she’s going to college, and soon she’ll be free. Then she catches the eye of an international superstar, and now she has to decide which life she wants to live.

Anna-Marie never thought she would meet John McCreeny, a sexy, gifted musician with a jet-setting lifestyle to match his wealth and talent. But despite their differences, their first meeting is electric. John intrigues and excites Anna-Marie—and he opens up a whole new world for her to explore.

While their relationship deepens, the stress caused by her father’s authoritarianism is becoming almost unbearable. Anna-Marie’s father rules their home like a tyrant and will do anything to keep controlling her.

Anna-Marie must decide whether she will let fear destroy her romance with John. But after all she’s been through, doesn’t she deserve love?


Beloved Bone of my Bones-Rapturing Love

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